Events Around the 72nd UN General Assembly (UNGA)

The UN General Assembly (UNGA), an event of tremendous significance, is always supplemented by a host of consequential development events. This year, for the 72nd version of the UNGA, it is no different.

September 2017 will once more see New York City transform itself into a policy hub, and become a space where thought-provoking ideas are showcased. The notoriety is two-fold. Not only is it a chance for practitioners, academics and development enthusiasts to exchange views, but it is an opportunity for everyone to drive positive, global change.

We have created a database to facilitate communal engagement in these pressing matters. Only through widespread interaction can beneficial world transformation really happen.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but we do hope it is a summer mainstay of yours. In addition, we warmly welcome you to suggest more events by sending us an email: communications@dalberg.com. We look forward to hearing your recommendations and seeing you at many of these events.